Recipes in which we bake the zucchini.

Blueberry and Cottage Cheese Low Carb Cake

Blueberry and cottage cheese cake made with almond flour is super easy one bowl low carb cake you can make less in an hour. {low carb, gluten free} As I mentioned before, we have a new favorite cake: blueberry ricotta cake. This absolutely gorgeous cake tastes amazingly good, but unfortunately it’s full of carbs. I […]

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Chocolate Cake with Cottage Cheese Filling

This easy Hungarian chocolate cake filled with creamy cottage cheese and topped with dark chocolate ganache is a scrumptious cake for every occasion. Grab a fork and dig into this chocolatey perfection. Hey all chocolate lovers over there, I think you’ll love this amazing chocolate and cottage cheese cake. The combination of chocolate and cottage […]

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Blueberry and Banana Chia Pudding

Blueberry and banana chia pudding – a healthy and nutritious breakfast option with fresh fruits and plain Greek yogurt {sugar free, gluten free, clean eating, with vegan and low carb option} Start your day with this nutritious naturally sweetened chia breakfast pudding or eat it as a healthy treat! Everybody knows chia seeds are healthy, […]

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Hungarian Plum Dumplings

Plum Dumplings or Szilvás gombóc is a traditional Hungarian dish made with potato dough, stuffed with cinnamon-y plums, covered in sweet toasted breadcrumbs. Lately, on our cheat days I made Hungarian desserts, my favorites from my childhood. I was thinking about our next Saturday dessert, when I spotted some plums in the grocery store (by […]

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London Bars

Three layered shortbread squares topped with apricot jam and walnuts foam, aka London bars, are heavenly tasty Hungarian pastries. These crazy delicious three layer bars could make a great Christmas treat that everyone will love. Walnuts and apricot jam make a great combination. These two simple ingredients are always present in every Hungarian women’s cupboard. […]

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