Recipes in which we bake the zucchini.

Green lasagna

Easy cheesy green vegetable lasagna packed with a lot of veggies, like zucchini, broccoli, celery, green onion and mushrooms. This vegetarian lasagna is a huge hit in my family, it’s tasty, creamy, cheesy, you can sneak a lot of vegetables in it, evenย using leftover veggies. And it’s a LASAGNA, who doesn’t like lasagna? I prepared […]

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Italian lasagna with zucchini

This is an original Italian lasagna recipe with a tasty zucchini. It takes more than twoย hours to prepare it, one hour to cook the stew and an hour to bake the lasagna, but the final result is perfect. Prepare it immediately if you want to amaze your family! :) Level: medium Cost: medium Calories: high […]

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Zucchini eggplant mushroom lasagna

Try our new zucchini eggplant mushroom lasagna recipe with a lot of cheese! This tasty lasagna is the best choice for dinner if you are vegetarian are just want to eat something full of veggies. The vegetable stew is cooked in 20 minutes, the baking takes only 40 minutes, so your delicious veggie lasagna is […]

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