Main Dishes

Main dishes with zucchini

Chicken drumsticks with zucchini mascarpone sauce

Delish chicken drumsticks cooked in wine served with a creamy zucchini mascarpone sauce over tagliatelle – a divine dinner for special occasions.  We love chicken drumsticks cooked, fried, baked and in every single way is prepared. We also love zucchini, that’s obvious. Wine braised chicken with an amazing zucchini mascarpone sauce cannot be a bad […]

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Sautéd Chicken Breast with Vegetables

Quick and easy one skillet sautéd chicken breast with stir-fry vegetables is a healthy, gluten and dairy free, low-carb and paleo dish, which is ready in less than 30 minutes. Sautéd chicken breast with vegetables is an easy, healthy, gluten-free and clean eating recipe, which is ready in 25 minutes. The preparation of this meal […]

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Pasta casserole with zucchini and chicken

Fresh and easy baked pasta casserole with zucchini, chicken and a lot of cheese, this creamy casserole could be a delicious quick dinner in a busy day. You will need just a few ingredients: pasta, two zucchinis, chicken breast fillet, single cream and/or sour cream, garlic, cheese, olive oil and spices. I used a soured […]

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Stuffed zucchini boats in white sauce

Delicious zucchini boats stuffed with tomato, pork and rice filling, baked in white (béchamel) sauce and topped with a huge amount of cheese – a hearty noodle-less lasagna style comfort food for leisurely days. Super delicious baked zucchini boats stuffed with minced pork meat in white (béchamel) sauce. This mouthwatering dish could be a perfect family dish […]

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Quick zucchini ham pasta

This is a simple and easy recipe of a delicious creamy pasta dish prepared with zucchini and ham. The great zucchini ham pasta is ready in 25 minutes, it has just a few ingredients and it’s definitely the most creamy zucchini pasta you’ve ever eaten. The pasta sauce is a tasty white sauce with sauteed ham and […]

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Zucchini carbonara

I always loved carbonara pasta sauce, but I have never prepared with courgette until now and I can declare, it’s gooood. The original Italian carbonara sauce is made with egg yolks, cream, parmesan and seasoning. In this recipe, you have to fry the bacon with the zucchini slices, then mix it with cooked pasta and […]

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