Linzer cookies with strawberry jam

Crumbly buttery linzer cookies filled with strawberry jam – pretty little cut-out cookies for Christmas These not too sweet shortbread-style cookies filled with homemade jam are very popular cookies on Hungarian Christmas tables. Baking linzer and gingerbread cookies is a whole afternoon family activity 2-3 days before Christmas. Preparing and cutting these little cookies is fun, if you have time and […]

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Zucchini oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips

My “sneaking veggies into baked goodies” operation still in progress. :) Sunday I prepared oatmeal cookies with chocolate chips and shredded zucchini. These cookies are soft and great-tasting. These great cookies are made with zucchini, oatmeal and chocolate chips. I am chocolate chips fan, so my cookies should not be missing them. Zucchini is a must […]

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